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James L. Hosay             Gr. 3, 4


If youíve never tried using a CMP or DeHaske ďplay alongĒ CD youíre in for a treat.  Itís a great way to make practice or performance preparation more fun.  JAZZ ROCK IN THE U.S.A. has the additional attraction of teaching the elements of various pop styles and Jazz improvisation.  Legendary performers serve as your examples, demonstrating the correct interpretation of each style and giving improvised solo performances that are text book-perfect, inventive, and enjoyable.  The accompaniment tracks then let you express yourself as the soloist while being accompanied by your own hot back-up band.


Inventive compositions by James L. Hosay serve as the platform for this delightful new publication. AND, itís not just great learning; itís great LISTENING.


Be SURE you check out JAZZ ROCK IN THE U.S.A. today!  


To hear a sampling of the Jazz Rock In the U.S.A. pieces click a sound bite below.

Samples: Rolly Polly, State-A-the Union, Still Swingin, Sunday Morning, Too Hip to Hop


Item Number Instrument Name Price
44003962 Flute $15.95
44003948 Bb Clarinet $15.95
44003949 Eb Alto/Bb Tenor Saxophone $15.95
44003951 Bb Trumpet $15.95
44003950 Trombone $15.95


James L. Hosay          Grade 3-4


featuring Chris Valdala on the Saxophone and Vincent DiMartino on the Trumpet

Original, acoustic jazz melodies for the jazz fan and anyone who wants to develop his or her musicality. With written-out solos and chords, improvisation is encouraged. In addition to playing along with the CD, you can also play the pieces as duets with two professional musicians from the Chris Vadala Quintet. Listen, play and improvise with inspiring jazz music!  

Samples: Clandestine Blues, Me Too, North End Nocturne, Shipyard Shift, Town Pointe Promenade


Item Number Instrument Name Price
44000000 Flute $15.95
44000000 Bb Clarinet $15.95
44000000 Eb Alto / Bb Tenor Saxophone $15.95
44000000 Bb Trumpet $15.95
44000000 Trombone $15.95


Stephen Bulla             Gr. 3


This collection of solos with optional duet part combines with a swinging CD accompaniment to provide a great practice tool for learning the most popular jazz styles.  A variety of keys and tempi give the soloist(s) ample opportunity to develop playing skills in this idiom - perfect for learning the Big Band style.




 Brown's Jug    Cool in the Kitchen    Tillsley Two-Step    Wizard of Osborn

Item Number Instrument Name Price
44005072 Flute $15.95
44005073 Bb Clarinet $15.95
44005074 Eb Alto / Bb Tenor Saxophone $15.95
44005075 Bb Trumpet $15.95
44005076 Trombone/Euphonium BC $15.95
JAZZ ROCK & R&B     James L. Hosay

Hold on - here's MORE hot JAZZ-ROCK from the USA!  You'll have your own kickin' back-up band behind you as you jam on some super-hip Fusion, R&B, and Hip-Hop tunes. And while you're at it, you'll learn a thing or two to help you develop as a musician. So grab your ax, kick back, play along, or just listen - it's ALL good!  Chris Vadala is the featured soloist on the Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone book.  Get ready to have some fun!  


Samples:  Boomin' Ballad    Chillville     J...J...Jammin'

                   Kick It     Old School Reunion

Item Number Instrument Name Price
44005526 Flute $15.95
44005530 Bb Clarinet $15.95
44005527 Eb Alto / Bb Tenor Saxophone $15.95
44005529 Bb Trumpet $15.95
44005528 Trombone / Euphonium BC $15.95