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Great Composers  

James Curnow       Gr. 1/2   Beginners

This book introduces young musicians to the great composers of music. Carefully arranged, these pieces help young players develop a personal connection with some of the greatest music ever written. The accompaniment CD (included) makes practice time FUN, and the incomparable melodies make practice time WORTHWHILE.  Themes by Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Dvorak, Grieg, Purcell, and others make this collection a classic. 

Included in this book:

Ode to Joy (Ludwig van Beethoven) / The Happy Farmer (Robert Schumann) / The Harmonious Blacksmith (G.F. Handel) / Hungarian Dance #5 (Johannes Brahms) / The Great Gate of Kiev (Modest Mussorgsky) / Onward Christian Soldiers (Arthur Sullivan) / Largo (Antonin Dvorak) / Trumpet Voluntary (Jeremiah Clarke) / Theme from Emperor Quartet (F.J. Haydn) / Theme from Don Giovanni (W.A. Mozart) / Trumpet Tune (Henry Purcell) / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Felix Mendelssohn) / Triumphal March from Aida (Giuseppe Verdi) / Minuet (J.S. Bach) / Sailor’s Song (Edvard Grieg) / Rondo (Tylman Susato) / Toreador Song (Georges Bizet) / Pilgrim’s Chorus (Richard Wagner)

Samples: LargoOde to JoySailor's songThe Great Gate Of KievToreador Song


Great Composers ORDERING INFO   

Item Number

Instrument Name


44003960 Flute / Oboe $12.95
44003953 Clarinet $12.95
44003954 Alto Saxophone $12.95
44003955 Soprano /  Tenor Saxophone $12.95
44003957 Trumpet $12.95
44003958 Horn F / Eb $12.95
44003956 Trombone / Euphonium $12.95
44003959 Piano Accompaniment $  9.95


James Curnow                        Gr. 1 - 2


Beethoven, Schumann, Handel and Mozart, but also Brahms, Haydn and Dvorak:  The most celebrated “hits” of these musical masters, and many others, have been brought together in this collection.  The play-along CD, written in a pop style, is sure to encourage your students to practice!  


Included in this book:

Ode to Joy (Beethoven), Great Gate of Kiev (Mussorgsky), The Happy Farmer (Schumann), Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy), The Harmonious Blacksmith (Handel), Hungarian Dance #5 (Brahms) , Largo (Dvorak), Minuet (Bach), Ode to Joy (Beethoven), Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan), Pilgrim’s Chorus (Wagner), Rondo (Susato), Sailor’s Song (Grieg), Theme from Don Giovanni (W.A. Mozart), Theme from the Emperor Quartet (Haydn), Toreador Song (Bizet), Triumphal March from Aida (Verdi), Trumpet Tune (Purcell), Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)


Samples: Hark the Herald Angels SingPilgrim's ChorusRondoThe Happy FarmerTrumpet Voluntary


Item Number Instrument Name Price
44000534 Flute / Oboe $12.95
44000537 Clarinet $12.95
44000540 Alto Saxophone $12.95
44000543 Tenor Saxophone $12.95
44000546 Trumpet $12.95
44000549 Horn $12.95
44000552 Trombone $12.95
44000555 Piano Accompaniment $  9.95

The music of the great masters has long been the object of study by musicians around the world.  Unfortunately, many times the difficulty level makes this music inaccessible to the young musician.  With our new publication, CLASSICS FOR THE YOUNG FLUTE PLAYER, music by Beethoven, Brahms, Clarke, Grieg, Haydn, Strauss, Mozart and Purcell has been arranged in a format that is appropriate for the young instrumentalist.


By simply dropping the accompanying CD into your CD player and selecting the proper CD track to match the music on the page of the book that you want to play, you are immediately able to not only play the music, but also play it with a real concert band accompaniment.  This format provides an excellent opportunity to play the music with an accompaniment that is close in style and sound to the original.  Playing this kind of music is an important part of the complete music education of all students, and will result in a well-rounded appreciation for music of many different styles.  We are sure you will enjoy this new opportunity for music-making!  


Includes in this book: 

Allegretto (from Symph #7) (Beethoven), Ave Verum Corpus (W.A. Mozart), Gypsy Rondo (Haydn), Hungarian Dance #5 (Brahms), Peer Gynt Suite #1 (Grieg), Pizzacato Polka (Strauss), Trumpet Tune (Purcell), Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)


Also available for the following solo instruments:

Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Trumpet, F Horn, Trombone and Euphonium.  


Samples:  Allegretto 2,  Ave Verum 2,  Hungarian Dance # 5bTrumpet Tune 2Trumpet Voluntary 2


Item Number Instrument Name Price
44004272 Flute  $ 12.95
44004273 Clarinet $ 12.95
44004274 Saxophone $ 12.95
44004275 Horn $ 12.95
44004276 Trumpet $ 12.95
44004277 Trombone $ 12.95
44004278 Oboe $ 12.95



These books contain solo/recital material form the great masters of musical composition that have been specifically arranged for the Beginner through Early Intermediate instrumental soloist.  Included with the solo book is a professionally recorded CD that demonstrates each piece.  Use these examples to help develop proper performance practices.  There is also a recording of the accompaniment alone that can be used for performance (and rehearsal) when a live accompaniment is not available.  The piano accompaniment is included in this book.


Included in this book;

Fantaisie Impromptu (Frederic Chopin), The Can-Can (Jacques Offenbach), To a Wild Rose (Edward MacDowell), Hungarian Dance #5 (Johannes Brahms), The Carnival of Venice (Julius Benedict),  Toreador’s Song (Georges Bizet),  Rondeau (Jean Joseph Nouret), Habanera (Georges Bizet), Aria (W.A. Mozart),  Andante from La Ci Darem La Mano (W.A. Mozart), Dagger Dance (Victor Herbert), Air from Suite #3 (J.S. Bach)

Samples:   Sample 1   Sample 2   Sample 3   Sample 4

Item Number Instrument Name Price
44004272 Flute  $ 14.95
44004273 Bb Clarinet $ 14.95
44004274 Alto Saxophone $ 14.95
44004276 Trumpet $ 14.95

PLAY THE GREAT MASTERS  Arranged by James Curnow   Easy-Intermediate


Bizet, Chopin, Grieg and Tchaikovsky, but also Brahms, Haydn and Rossini: the most celebrated “hits” of these musical masters, and many others, have been brought together in this collection. The play-along CD is sure to encourage your students to practice! Contents: Marche Militaire (Schubert) – Suite from Hansel And Gretel (Humperdinck) – Serenade Opus 3, No. 5 (Haydn) – Slavonic Dance Opus 72, No. 3 (Dvorak) – Waltz (Brahms) and many others.  

Included in this book:

Marche Militaire (Franz Schubert) / Suite from Hansel and Gretel (Engelbert Humperdinck) / Serenade Opus 3, No. 5 (F.J. Haydn) / Slavonic Dance Opus 72, No. 3 (Antonin Dvorak) / Waltz (Johannes Brahms) / To a Wild Rose (Edward A. MacDonald) / Sanctus (Franz Schubert) / In the Hall of the Mountain King- from Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 (Edvard Grieg) / Habanera- from Carmen (Georges Bizet) / Andante- from Piano Concerto No. 1 (Peter Tchaikovsky) / Theme from String Quartet #2 “Nocturne” (Alexander Borodin) / Polonaise Op. 53 (Frederic Chopin) / Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss, Jr) / Can Can (Jacques Offenbach) / Norwegian Dance Opus 35, No. 2 (Edvard Grieg) / Rondeau (Jean-Joseph Mouret) / William Tell Overture (Gioacchino Rossini) / Liebenstraum (Franz Liszt)

Musical Samples

Serenade Opus 3, No. 5 / Haydn

Slavonic Dance Opus 72, No. 3 / Dvorak

In the Hall of the Mountain King / Grieg


Item Number Instrument Name


44006825 Flute/Oboe  $ 12.95
44006817 Bb Clarinet $ 12.95
44006818 Eb Alto/Baritone Saxophone $ 12.95
44006819 Bb Soprano/Tenor Saxophone $ 12.95
44006820 Bb Trumpet $ 12.95
44006821 F Horn or Eb Horn $ 12.95
44006822 Bassoon/Trombone/Euph. TC/BC $ 12.95
44006824 Violin $ 12.95
44006816 Piano Accompaniment $ 9.95

Tons of Tunes From the Classics  Amy Adam & Mike Hannickel   Easy


Tons of Tunes from the Classics is filled with familiar melodies that musicians love to play.  The Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Late romantic periods are all represented in this delightful collection.  All the pieces have been arranged in easy keys for wind instruments.  The professional quality accompaniment CD can be used for practice and performance.  You may also choose to purchase the separate easy Piano accompaniment part.


Included in this book:

Humming Song (Robert Schumann) / Bransle de Champaigne (Gervaise) / Musette (J.S. Bach) / See, the Conquering Hero Comes (G. F. Handel) / Fanfare (Michel Corrette) / Bouffons (Thoinot Arbeau) / Theme from “Pathetique” (Ludwig van Beethoven) / Rondo Alla Turca (W.A. Mozart) / Sonata (W.A. Mozart) / Spring (Antonio Vivaldi) / Scherzo (Muzio Clementi) / Scottish Dance (Ludwig van Beethoven) / Minuet (J.S. Bach) / William Tell Overture (Gioachino Rossini) / Lullaby (Johannes Brahms) / Funeral March (Frederic Chopin) / Pomp and Circumstance (Sir Edward Elgar) / Trumpet Voluntary (Jeremiah Clarke) / “Largo” from the New World (Antonin Dvorak) / La Donna E’ Mobile- Rigoletto (Giuseppe Verdi) / On the Beautiful Danube (Johann Strauss) / The Anvil Chorus- Il Trovatore (Giuseppe Verdi) / Humoresque (Antonin Dvorak) / Spring (Felix Mendelssohn) / Farandole (Georges Bizet) / Morning (Edvard Grieg) / Rondeau (Jean-Joseph Mouret) / Hungarian Dance #5 (Johannes Brahms) / Toreador Song (Georges Bizet) / Hallelujah Chorus (G.F. Handel) / Trumpet Tune (Henry Purcell) / Fur Elise (Ludwig van Beethoven)  


Samples:  The Anvil Chorus   Largo   Pathetuque   Rondeau

Tons of Tunes From the Classics ORDERING INFO

Item Number Instrument Name Price
44006806 Flute/Oboe  $ 12.95
44006807 Bb Clarinet $ 12.95
44006808 Eb Alto Saxophone $ 12.95
44006809 Bb Soprano/Tenor Saxophone $ 12.95
44006810 Bb Trumpet $ 12.95
44006811 F Horn $ 12.95
44006812 Bassoon/Trombone/Euph. TC/BC $ 12.95
44006813 Tuba $ 12.95
44006815 Violin $ 12.95
44006814 Piano Accompaniment $ 9.95